The Orange Institution in County Fermanagh held their 10th Annual Memorial Parade and Service on Sunday September 2 in memory of the 31 members who paid the ultimate sacrifice during their defence of civil and religious liberty.

Brethren, juniors and sisters attended the parade and service, which were also well-supported by family and friends. The parade began at the Derrychara Link Road at 6.15pm, stopping at the Cenotaph for the Act of Remembrance before continuing to St Macartin’s Cathedral for the service at 7pm.

As 2018 marks the centenary of the end of the first World War, a WW1 theme was incorporated into the Memorial Parade and Service and an extended Act of Remembrance took place at the Cenotaph. Everyone who attended was encouraged to wear a poppy provided by the Royal British Legion.

The Memorial Service at St Macartin’s Cathedral was led by Dean Kenneth Hall and Rev Chris Macbruithin, curate assistant preached on the evening. Readings during the service were led by David Young who was representing the RUC GC Benevolent Fund and Maj (Retd) Jack Dunlop who represented the UDR CGC Benevolent Fund. Mrs Phyllis Carrothers read on behalf of the families. The collection on the evening was in aid of the RUCGC and UDRCGC Benevolent Funds, and a donation will also be made to the Royal British Legion.

A highlight of the service was singing led by the St Macartin’s choir who were accompanied by organist Glen Moore. The music was greatly appreciated by all in attendance thanks to its uplifting qualities.

Closing remarks were led by County Grand Master Stuart Brooker.

He said: “The men whose memory we honour would once again be justly proud of today's parade and service, and the way in which you have turned out. We owe these men a debt of gratitude that cannot be measured.”

He concluded: “Our thoughts and prayers continue to be very much with the relatives of these brethren who served with quiet determination, and ultimately gave their lives to maintain peace and stability, and a heritage which we cherish so much as members of the Orange Institution.”

The Orange Institution in County Fermanagh was very pleased with the attendance of the Memorial Parade and Service which was rescheduled from May due to the tragic passing of Neil Graham, whose father Eddie is District Master of No15 District, Garrison.

Visiting Brethren included Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Edward Stevenson, Deputy Grand Master, Harold Henning, Chief Executive, Iain Carlisle and Education and Outreach Officer David Scott. County Grand Masters from the four Border Counties of Cavan, Monaghan Leitrim and Donegal also attended the parade and service.