A 46 year old man, who was detected with an “astronomically high” level of alcohol in his system was given a probation order for two years, disqualified from driving for two years and handed a £200 fine at Enniskillen Magistrates this week.

Aiden Convey, of Lisolvan Park Brookeborough, had a blood alcohol reading of 133mg when sampled by police.

The offence took place on September 11, 2017 and when questioned by police the defendant said “can you make sure my missus gets home”.

The public prosecutor told how the police had received a phone call from a concerned member of the public who reported a vehicle being driven in an erratic manner.

Upon arrival to the scene the police found Convey walking up and down the main A4 road while the car had been left in a garage on Main Street Maguiresbridge.

Defence barrister Ciaran Roddy said that his client was unable to explain or recall why he had driven the car that day and said that it was “an astounding lack of judgment” on Convey’s part.

Mr Roddy went on to say that his client had worked for many years in London but that he had suffered a significant back injury in 2015 and as a result was unable to work. He explained that this had saw Convey turn to alcohol to ease the pain as the prescribed painkillers were not succeeding in dulling the pain completely.

He asked the court give his client credit for pleading guilty at the earliest possible convenience.

Deputy District Judge Trevor Browne stated that the defendant had been detected with an “astronomically high reading”.

Mr Browne went on to say that it was “a complete miracle that you were not involved in a fatal accident and that it is through providence that you did not kill someone.”

He concluded by saying that this incident was an “aberration from your usual character. You need assistance to turn around your life to what it was before: you need immediate professional assistance.”