The tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Michael Beattie, a former Commodore of Lough Erne Yacht, were revealed at an inquest in Enniskillen courthouse today (Tuesday).

The inquest heard how Mr Beattie had initially fallen into the waters at Enniskillen Yacht Club before swimming to shore where he sat for an hour and a half before falling back into the water.

CCTV footage viewed by the Coronoer, Joe McCrisken, showed Mr Beattie swimming 200 metres to a land bank which was just 15 foot away from his car. 

The inquest found the cause of death to be drowning following immersion in cold water and hypothermia.

Describing the effects of hypothermia, Assistant State Pathologist for Northern Ireland, Dr. Christopher Jonhson said people become "very confused" and it can "cause people to do some odd things".

"He didn't realise where he was or how close he was to making it from the position he was in," said Mr. McCrisken.

Constable Neil Robinson, who is also an RNLI volunteer told the inquest how drowning happens much quicker in fresh water than salt water.

Constable Robinson told the inquest unlike the Republic of Ireland, it is not compulsory for the wearing of a lifejacket or floatation device around water in Northern Ireland and it should be mandatory for the wearing of such.