Shock in the community as five more fires are reported in the Sligo Road area of Enniskillen over the past week.

The latest incident was reported on Sunday September 9 at 3.02pm. Firefighters were called to attend a fire at Drumawill Gardens where it is believed that rubbish was set alight.

This follows four other fires of this kind reported in the area during the week.

On Monday September 3, firefighters were called out at 7.08pm to attend a blaze at a playpark near Drumawill Gardens. An hour later a second fire was reported in the same area. Rubbish and pallets were ablaze when firefighters arrived at the scene.

A day later, on Tuesday September 4, two more similar incidents were reported and attended to by the fire service in Drumawill Park and Irvine’s Crescent, Enniskillen.

Local residents are said to be “very concerned” about the fires which are an “ongoing issue” in the area. It is yet unclear whether the incidents are linked.

A spokeswoman for the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service has confirmed that all five of the recently reported fires are being treated as “deliberate.”

This brings the total number of deliberate fires in the Sligo Road area to nine in the last month.

Democratic Unionist Councillor for the area Keith Elliott says: “The escalation of these incidents are striking fear and intimidation on local residents. A continuation of this perverse and reckless behaviour is putting property, and potentially lives at risk. I am working with police and I continue my call for them to take immediate, firm and decisive action. Together the people of Enniskillen condemn this behaviour and we plead for it to end now.”