Enniskillen Nursery has welcomed many new faces this school year, including that of recently appointed Principal Lisa Phair.

Lisa comes to the nursery from Jones Memorial Primary School where she had been working with Autistic children at the unit she set up there six years ago. Along with her experience of working with special needs children, Lisa has a background in music and hopes to bring these specialised skills to her new role.

She said: “With my interest in music, singing in particular, I would love to really enhance the creative arts at this nursery stage because there are multiple benefits of the arts for children’s early literacy skills, early numeracy skills and their fine and gross motor skills development.”

She continued: “Music is a massive part of what we do here and will become increasingly so.”

Originally from Lisburn, Lisa recalls how Enniskillen Nursery has been a part of her Fermanagh life ever since she moved here nine years ago. She said: “I arrived on the Saturday and the first thing I did on the Monday morning was drop my son off at Enniskillen Nursery. I didn’t know anyone in Enniskillen, as we weren’t from Fermanagh, so Enniskillen Nursery was literally one of the first places that I went to when I arrived here.”

Having sent two of her children to the nursery, Lisa believes that her personal experience will be advantageous as she embarks on her new journey as principal.

“I’m coming to this job from a professional point of view but also from a mummy’s point of view. I’ve been on both sides of the nursery now and I feel that is something that has been a great benefit to me. I understand the ethos from a parent’s point of view and I’ve seen first-hand the pastoral care and the standard of education that is given here and that is the reason why I wanted the job. I believe in this place because I chose it for my own children. I believe wholeheartedly in what this unit does.”

Following in the footsteps of former principal and founder of Enniskillen Nursery, Jenny Boyd, Lisa is determined to continue building on the “fantastic legacy” that her predecessor has left. She said: “Jenny has been a great support to me since I’ve begun the role, and she will continue to be. I know that I can call on her anytime.”

Lisa is also thankful for the “amazing” staff of the nursery who have made her transition so easy.

“They’ve been so supportive,” says Lisa. “One of the things that really strikes me about this place is the love and care that the staff show for the children and any parents that have been through here will tell you that. It’s one of the strengths of the school for me.”

Enniskillen Nursery will celebrate its 20th Anniversary next year and under the guidance of Lisa and the committed nursery staff, it is sure to continue to thrive for another 20 plus years.