"Loneliness is a poison," said Krishan Sharma.

And the medicine for Krishan and many others is Choice Housing, Drumkeen Court, Ederney which brings together those who may not have had the chance to interact and make friends they may never had the opportunity of making if the service was not there.

Drumkeen Court was opened in September 2007 and has went from strength to strength every year as it provides for tenants as well older people in the surrounding area, enabling tenants to live independently and privately in their own home within a safe and supportive environment, with a coordinator on site.

"Beware of the Chair" is a walking group for older people which meets twice a week for walks before they all return to Drumkeen for refreshments.

And without something like this in the area, the walkers do not know where they would go to get the interaction and build the friendships they done through the group.

"Monday morning isn't great for a lot of people but we look forward to getting up because we know we are going to go out for the walk and meet people and chat to people and it just starts the week for us," explained Breige McDonagh.

As well the physical exercise, the mental wellbeing that getting out and about with friends and going for walk is just as vital for those who come to Drumkeen Court.

Mary Gleed, from Kesh, had to retire from working due to health problems and finding out about Drumkeen Court and all it has to offer was a great help.

"I didn't even know this group existed and I was feeling very depressed and missing the company of work after doing the job for 28 years so I found it fantastic. I would never miss the walk or coming here on a Wednesday to the coffee club with the residents from Choice."

William Smith is a permanent resident at Drumkeen Court also praised the walking group saying: "When you are out walking you are getting the fresh air into your lungs, you are having conversations with your friends as you walk, you are getting exercise and at the same time you are being looked after."

Another permanent resident is Kathleen Clark. She moved here from London with her husband and she believes without Drumkeen Court she would be "lost".

"It didn't hit me until I was here. I was lost but you're involved here with the tenants. We are a community together. I didn't know anybody, they didn't know me. Without it I don't know where I would be. Everybody has been super and accepting and we are like all one big family. It's a brilliant community."

Drumkeen Court plays such an important role in giving the older people of Ederney and the surrounding areas to help maintain and improve their health and emotional wellbeing. Without it, many of these people would have nowhere to go or nobody to see.

"It's great because there is nothing similar to it that I know of in the area," said Pat Deazley.

"Company is a great medicine. Without company your life is hell," added Mr. Sharma.

Choice Housing at Drumkeen Court is certainly the medicine.