Labour Alternative representative Donal O'Cofaigh has criticised what he said was the "distribution of Islamophobic leaflets" in Enniskillen last Thursday.

Mr. O'Cofaigh claims that "Islamophobic propaganda" promoting a number of far right and fascist organisations had been distributed in town centre.

He said: "These groups are attempting to grow by demonising Muslim people, yet they say nothing about terrorism emerging from within their own movement, such as the horrific murder of Jo Cox MP, attacks on ethnic minorities and anti racist activists.

"I have no doubt that this divisive bile is rejected by the vast majority of people here. Unfortunately, the far right's repulsive views are often legitimised by so called mainstream politicians," he said.

Mr. O'Cofaigh continued: "As we have seen internationally, far right groups attempt to scapegoat immigrants and minorities for the problems created by profit hungry bosses, landlords and pro-capitalist politicians. They have no answers, all they offer is hatred and violence.

"I am proud that attempts by the far right to organise in Northern Ireland have been countered at every turn by mobilisations of trade unionists and local communities, and we will do so in Fermanagh if necessary," he said, in a statement.