A 22-year-old woman has been given an 18-month probation order after she was found guilty of theft, common assault and resisting police during an incident in January of this year.

Fermanagh Magistrates court heard on Monday how Amy Barron of Carnmore Lodge, Enniskillen was arrested on Darling Street in Enniskillen on the evening of January 23 in relation to an incident where a make-up bag worth up to £300 or thereabouts was stolen.

The complainant had went to the bathrooms in Granny Annie’s Enniskillen and had forgot to put her make-up bag back into her handbag when leaving the bathroom.

The defendant then took the makeup bag from Granny Annie’s.

Later on that evening the complainant went to the Devenish Bar on Darling Street.

Here she saw Barron with a makeup bag which she believed to be hers.

The complainant took the makeup bag off the female and checked its contents which confirmed it belonged to her.

Barron then left the Devenish Bar and was arrested on Darling Street.

While she was being arrested she became aggressive and was further arrested for resisting police.

When interviewed Barron did not answer any questions.

A defence solicitor for Barron told the court that her client had been drinking alcohol and taking prescription drugs and had very little recollection of what took place until she watched the CCTV after her arrest.

She continued that Barron was extremely ashamed of what had happened, that this was out of character and she wanted to apologise to the victim and the police adding that she can only assume that Barron thought the make-up bag was hers.

Barron’s solicitor told the court that her client had a history of problems with alcohol and prescription drug use, however she was now abstaining from alcohol and was taking her prescription medicines correctly.

Sine the pre-sentencing report was ordered, the 22 year old had engaged in the Princes’ Trust Program of her own volition.

In ordering an 18-month probation order, Judge Liam McStay said the court needs to offer support where there are background issues involved.

The judge concluded by saying, “probation intervention was critical” and that it was important Barron took advantage of what is being offered to her at this stage.