A recent search of a house in Belcoo has brought to a light a worrying presence of drugs in the village and an increase in anti-social behaviour.

Police officers along with the PSNI Tactical Support Group carried out searches of a number of houses in the Cornagrade area of Enniskillen and MacNean Court in Belcoo on Sunday, October 28. A number of area searches were also conducted.

A quantity of suspected herbal cannabis was seized and 20 year old male was arrested. A number of suspected stolen items were also seized.

The police could not confirm at which location the drugs were seized from.

A number of residents have spoke to this paper about their concerns with one saying the village has "gone to hell".

"There are drugs in Belcoo, big time. But you may as well be taking to the wall because nobody does anything about it."

Another resident agreed saying that a drug culture has crept into the village among the younger people as well as incidents of anti-social behaviour.

"There definitely is a drug culture that has got in to the village, which is disappointing," they said.

"There have been nights in the bandstand where there have been massive hooleys going on and then fights after it. I have seen that.

"I think it is because people don't have anything else to do and the sad situation is that when young ones get involved in this kind of stuff its because they aren't working and whatever they start with it leads on to something else."

This resident also believes that the lack of police in the village is also allowing this sort of thing to happen.

"I hate to say it but there is not enough police presence. Look at the robberies we now have and what is going on because they know there is no police presence in the village any more."