Euro Disney. A Safari. And a trip to Fermanagh. What have they all got in common? They are all destinations for the Khipu Christmas party. A global leader in cyber security Khipu is a company with employees all over the world and offices in England, South Africa and Mauritius. And this year they are bringing 60 plus employees to Fermanagh for their Christmas party.

And it all came about after a chance conversation in an English pub. Kevin Lock, a fisherman, has been organising trips to Fermanagh for some years and he and some friends, who had recently been in the Lakeland county, were extolling the beauty of the Erne county over a few drinks.

The conversation was overheard and the interest was piqued for one other patron of the pub who wanted to know where this fantastical Fermanagh was. He was a Director with Khipu and after talking with Kevin and being sold further on the unique beauty of our county he decided that the company would descend on the Erne for its Christmas party.

“60 people are coming in total,” Kevin explained.

“So, I am arranging a few days for them. They are having their party and dinner in the Killyhevlin, and then we are organising some activities the next day and after that there will be a meal in Francos and then up the town for some music.”

Khipu have been all over the world for their Christmas parties over the past number of years including the United States and safari’s in Africa and more recently Euro Disney in Paris.

Fermanagh is joining some exalted company. And why not. The lakelands are as beautiful as the Serengeti or the European residence of Mickey Mouse. And the staff of Khipu are about to find that out.