A man who is currently serving a nine month prison sentence has avoided a further prison sentence at Fermanagh Magistrates Court on Monday.

Kevin Williamson, of Galliagh Park, Enniskillen was found guilty of dishonestly using electricity and possession of a a Class B drug.

On June 29, 2017 police and Housing Executive officers attended the defendant’s house and observed a blue extension lead coming from the communal hallway to Williamson’s flat. They saw a television, stereo and other electrical devices being powered. He was arrested and cautioned to which he said: “It’s only a plug.”

While being searched by officers, a pea-sized portion of cannabis was found. He was further arrested for possession of a Class B drug.

Steffan Rafferty, defence barrister, said that his client had been in front of the court for a similar incident on May 2, 2017 and had been imprisoned for a short period of time. He added that although Williamson was the registered tenant there was a lot of comings and goings from the house. Mr. Rafferty said his client accepted his guilt and should have know what was going on. Mr. Rafferty went on to tell the court his client had been in front of Dungannon Crown Court for a breach of more serious matters which resulted in a nine month sentence. He asked the judge not to interfere with Williamson’s release date when passing judgement and also to take into account his client’s early guilty plea.

District Judge Michael Ranahan said he took into account the considerate plea on behalf of Williamson and also his early guilty plea. He handed down a four month sentence for dishonestly using electricity and one month for possession of a Class B drug to run concurrently with Williamson’s existing sentence.