The father of a 29-year-old woman who was killed in a road traffic collision at Brookeborough last year has welcomed the decision of the coroner at his daughter's inquest to write to the relevant authorities in an attempt to do something to make the road safer.

Kiara McCoy was killed when the car she was driving was struck by another vehicle as she pulled out from a junction on to the Belfast Road on October 24, 2017. She had been on her way to Belfast for an important meeting the following day.

Coroner Patrick McGurgan, said at the inquest, held on Tuesday, November 27, that he would be taking this action as he believed the layout of the road had a role to play in the accident.

"I as a coroner am concerned with the number of road traffic fatalities in Northern Ireland," said Mr. McGurgan.

"We try to prevent future death from occurring and if this inquest can prevent a death like Kiara's it is one positive to come from all of this.

"The road layout had an effect and I will be using Rule 23 to write to the relevant authorities on the road layout."

The inquest heard how officers at Enniskillen Police Station were looking at this part of the road, which Mr. McGurgan said he hoped to add weight to this. Speaking after the inquest, Kiara's father, Vincent welcomed the steps that are to be taken by Mr. McGurgan.

"The road really does require lights and a there is a hidden spot, a blind spot on the road. Without a doubt I welcome it."

During the inquest, the layout of the road, the poor sightlines cars have when coming out of the junction onto the main road as well the "Give Way" sign which Mr. McGurgan believes should be changed to a "Stop" sign were all looked into in detail with forensics expert Gavin Dunn.

Assistant State Pathologist Dr. Chris Johnston carried out the Post Mortem found that Kiara had died as a result of a head injury caused by the collision which is typical result of a lateral road traffic collision.

Her boyfriend, Joe Flanagan, who was in the car at the time of the crash, has no memory of the incident.

Mr. McCoy described the las time he saw her daughter when she called to his house to drop off her son Ralph as she was going to Belfast and how she had been in good form.

Kiara and Joe were going up to stay in Joe's apartment as he was due to go back to work offshore the following day as well and were talking in the car of what they would do when he was next off work.

As the Mercedes Benz car they were in came out of the junction of the Station Road and onto the Belfast Road, it was hit by a Ford Ranger pickup travelling in the direction of Enniskillen. The Mercedes rotated and there was another impact with the pickup before it came to rest on the far side of the road in a hedge. The pickup continued on and ended up in a field.

Norman Read, the driver of the Ford Ranger told how the Mercedes came out of nowhere and then suddenly the black Mercedes appeared. He recalled how he saw Kiara's black hair in the driver's window and that she did not look at him.

After giving his evidence, Mr. McCoy told the inquest they did not hold Mr. Read responsible for what happened and that there was no animosity towards him.

Beofre giving his findings, Mr. Gurgan said he wanted people to learn from what happened. It could be their child and care needs to be taken when approaching junctions.

He commended Mr. McCoy on his dignity throughout the proceedings.

Mr. McGurgan said Kiara was an accomplished woman with a bright future but unfortunately she not only leaves behind a brother and a sister, but two sons who will never know their mother. He added that he was heartened that Mr. McCoy and his family were still in contacts with the two her two sons.

"Time will not bring Kiara but hopefully with time it will make the loss slightly more bearable," he concluded.

Mr. McGurgan concluded that the cause of death was a head injury caused by a road traffic collision.