A man has received a three-month suspended sentence after admitting to the possession of an 18 inch machete.

Shane Reilly of Derrin park claimed that the machete was used for hunting small animals. The court heard that police had found the machete after a search of a car at South West Acute Hospital after midnight on July 26 this year.

Defending barrister, Stefan Rafferty, said that Reilly had asked for a lift to the hospital after he had heard that a relative had been taken there ill.

The car belonged to the sister of his partner and the prosecution revealed to the court that when asked about the machete Reilly had admitted that it was his and that he used it for “hunting small animals” and had “forgot to remove it from the car”.

District Judge Michael Ranahan on passing judgement queried allowed the use of an 18 inch machete as a hunting implement.

“This is a dangerous weapon,” he told the defendant before sentencing him to three months in prison which he suspended for three years.

“If you ever get into a car with a weapon such as this again there is every chance you will find yourself in custody," Mr.Ranahan concluded.