A man and woman plead guilty to what was described as a “not an entirely sophisticated” theft by District Judge Michael Ranahan at Fermanagh Magistrates Court this week.

Asta Alexsandrauskiene and Andrius Kazragis, who both have addresses in the Republic of Ireland, were charged with the theft of £463.53 from Asda on October 7 this year.

The court heard that police were called to Asda supermarket after security guards had detained two shoppers. The prosecution explained that police viewed CCTV footage which showed the pair pushing a trolley full of goods towards the exit of the store. It was revealed that the CCTV also showed that the pair had not paid at any of the tills in the store and that the alarm was set off when they attempted to leave the shop.

A defence solicitor told the court that this was a “poorly thought out and executed crime” and that the pair had given conflicting accounts of what had occurred when interviewed by police.

Passing judgement Mr Ranahan stated:

“It was not entirely sophisticated but there was a significant value of goods involved.”

He gave the defendants credit for their early plea and for the fact that this was their first offence. Both were fined £300 and given four weeks to pay.