Anto and the Echoes have just released their latest music video and with a little help from some film industry friends, it’s nothing short of ‘Hollywood’ magic.

Belfast-based but Fermanagh bred, the genre-bending six-piece are renowned for their vibrant live shows and dramatic stage presence, which is encapsulated perfectly in the video for their latest single ‘Hollywood Baby.’

Featuring Anthony ‘Anto’ Breen (Lead Vocals), Luke Burns (Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals), Francis McNally (Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals), Ryan McGoldrick (Rhythm Guitar), Seymour Major (Keyboards and Backing Vocals) and Mark Miller (Drums), the band formed approximately three years ago when Anto decided to call upon his musical friends to flesh out some of the music he had been writing.

“I hadn’t been in a band for about three years up to that point but I was feeling good about the songs,” explained Anto.

“I wanted to push on and take a fresh approach to music as previously I was involved with a punk band, Mommas Slippers.”

Somewhat of a super group, all the members of Anto and the Echoes had previously played in bands on the Fermanagh gig scene 10 years ago and were playing in Belfast based outfits when Anto asked them to get together.

“It was an eclectic mix of musicians from bands like Black Chapels, Yellowcarnoreturn, Savage Rabbits, Lets go Zero and Failed Charlie Project. We are all good friends outside of the band and regularly catch up and do stuff together,” said Anto.

Describing their sound as “pop music played by a rock band,” Anto and the Echoes draw influence from many genres and periods of music.

“There’s definitely an old school vibe about what we do as we would all be big fans of Queen, David Bowie, ELO and Elton John,” said Anto.

Along with intimate pub gigs, the band have played at many of Belfast’s prime gig venues including the Empire Music Hall and Limelight.

They also performed at indie festival Sunflowerfest in Hillsborough during the summer.

Talking of the band’s biggest gig to date, bass guitarist and backing vocalist Luke said: “I would say Belfast Culture Night 2018 was probably the biggest so far, we were playing in the Cathedral Quarter and there were about 300 people enjoying the music.”

Filmed in the National Club in Belfast, the 70s inspired ‘Hollywood Baby’ video was self-directed by Anto.

“We wanted to give it a dated feel, we were inspired by late 70s disco for this particular track and wanted to pay our respects to the era,” he said. “Disco balls and bell-bottom jeans included!”

Anto also called upon his talented friends to help out in their specialist areas, including Fermanagh natives Ryan Ralph, who edited the video, and Nathan Ternan who provided graphics.

Noting some of the other video contributors, many of who he has worked alongside in the film industry, Anto said: “My good friend Declan Ó’Grianna did the cinematography, the guys from Rusty Attic, a vintage clothing store in Strabane, really helped out with the costumes. Claire McCaffrey, another good friend of mine, overseen the the make-up and made sure all the beards looked fantastic! Cliodhna McDonald and the girls from Cabaret Supper Club Belfast really helped out with choreography.”

“The nice thing about me working in the film industry is that I have many contacts who are happy to volunteer on original work like this,” said Anto.

“I personally don’t want to pressure anybody to get work done immediately and would rather everybody involved was happy with their contribution,” he added.

Reflecting on some of the band’s best moments to date, which included creating the ‘Hollywood Baby’ video and recording new music with Start Together Studios, Anto said: “It finally feels like we are becoming the band we want to be.”

Catch Anto and the Echoes at Charlie’s Bar, Enniskillen on Sunday December 30 as the local lads return home for a special charity gig to round off their stellar year.