Little Ríonagh Keenan was “the perfect Christmas present” for proud parents Keri and Kevin Keenan as she made her entrance to the world at 6.31am on Christmas morning.

For first time mum, Keri, her daughter’s arrival was understandably something of a whirlwind experience.

“I was up in mum’s house on Christmas Eve, and we stayed until about 11.30pm. And then by 2.30am and four hours later she was born.”

In her first 48 hours Ríonagh has been “as good as gold” according to her mum.

“It is going to be fun in years to come with a birthday and Santa Claus coming on the same day,” she said.

Also making her appearance was baby Eliyanah, who said hello to the world at 6.14am. “It was a shocker to have a Christmas baby,” her mum, Hannah Bleakley explained.

Hannah had her own mum with her for the birth and also wanted to pay tribute to the hospital staff. “They were very good to me and the care was second to none,” she said.