A woman has been fined and ordered to pay compensation after she was found guilty of two counts of criminal damage at Fermanagh Magistrates Court.

Catherine Bermingham, of Lisgoole Park, Enniskillen appeared on Monday in relation to an incident which took place on October 7, 2018.

The court heard that police had received a report from the injured party saying the defendant had entered his home. Officers attended the complainant’s house and spoke to injured party.

The complainant told police how on the previous evening there was banging on his front door and he could hear female voices. In fear he hid in his attic. While in the attic he heard a window break and heard female voices calling out individual tenants who had used to live in the house.

The complainant spent the night in the attic and when he came down he saw that further damage had been caused to the window and the injured party’s Xbox had been thrown out of the house.

The 51 year old was arrested on October 10 and admitted to entering the house to speak with the occupants but got angry when nobody was there.

A defence solicitor for Bermingham told the court that his client accepted that in the cold light of day her actions were unacceptable.

They continued by pointing out that the complainant was not the intended recipient and that the damaged glass had already been broken and that their client regrets the damage which was unjustifiable.

Bermingham’s solicitor as the court to give maximum credit to their client who cooperated fully with police and gave a full and candid interview about what occurred and added that there would have been some difficulty in prosecuting the defendant if she had not been so candid.

District Judge Michael Ranahan ordered Bermingham to pay £300 compensation for the damaged Xbox along with a £300 fine.