There were plenty of comedy capers and adventures galore as the Borderline Players brought the swash-buckling, middle-eastern tale of Sinbad the Sailor to the Termon Complex, Pettigo last weekend.

The pantomime took place on both Friday and Saturday night and wowed audiences with its larger-than-life characters, high energy music and fun dance routines.

Directed by Siobhan O’Brien, the colourful production featured a talented cast and crew of almost 100 people from across Fermanagh and Donegal.

Set in Old Baghdad, the pantomime opened on the day of Princess Jasmin’s birthday but while all of Baghdad were celebrating, the evil magician Vazara was plotting to kidnap the Princess and to hold her as a slave on the island of Zalibar. Having fallen in love with Princess Jasmin, Sinbad brought together a crew of unlikely heroes to help him sail the high seas to rescue her, providing drama and laughs along the way.

Borderline Players welcomed several new faces to the group for this year’s production of Sinbad the Sailor. Niall Kerr from Garrison played the lovestruck hero, Sinbad, while Enniskillen’s Ryan Higgins starred as comic character Mister Mate.

Dominic Sharp once again donned the decorative Dame’s outfit as he played the hilarious Dame Semolina Sinbad whilst Liz Smith starred as Princess Jasmin, a role she played when the group first performed the pantomime back in 2002. Frances McGloin and Donna Braddick played the menacing villains of the story Vazara and Barracuda.

Chief artist Jane Weir had her debut acting performance Sinbad’s Captain and was joined on stage by her daughter Mia Allen who played Monty the Monkey. Liam McCauley, Alison Lappin and Terry O’Connell rounded up the cast as pirates Blue Peter, Yellow Jack and Black Hook adding extra comic value to the fun-filled production.

It was a great night of entertainment enjoyed by young and old alike.