Representatives for Fermanagh Council of Trades Unions held a peace demonstration at the Diamond, Enniskillen in solidarity with Derry/Londonderry following the recent bombs in the city.

Speaking to the Impartial Reporter at the demonstration on Saturday January 26, Caroline Wheeler, Secretary of Unite the Union said:

"We are here to make our mark, to stop the bombs and the bullets on the streets again and to create peace."

Commenting on the bombs in Derry/Londonderry, Caroline added: "We do not want that on our streets, that is the loud clear message, we want to remain in peace, we want to work together. We don't want great divisions."

When asked what the demonstration will achieve, Donal O'Cofaigh, Secretary for the Fermanagh Council of Trade Unions said: "It was important to set down a marker, the people of Fermanagh, the trade unionists of Fermanagh, stand in solidarity to our friends and neighbours in Derry/Londonderry who are facing the threat of basically a group of individuals who think the way to achieve change is by putting car bombs in the city. We want to get the message here very strongly that there is a will within the working class people, within the trade union movement as a whole, that we don't want to see it going back to trouble."

He continued: "I think in a way our communities are in the middle of a big squeeze at the moment and it is coming from all directions and it's creating a massive sense of fear and that is the breeding ground for those who seek to drag us backwards."

"We disagree fundamentally with that and we are seeking a positive future and that is what today is about and it is the start of a process. We've got to fight for peace," Donal added.