Name: Meabh McElmeel

Age: 21

Q: Is there particular song that reminds you of childhood memories and family time?

A: My family never really had the same music taste, but I remember when Madagascar the movie came out we couldn't stop singing the song 'I like to move it!'. My dad would dance with me around the kitchen and make me laugh. Looking back it wasn't the best dancing ever, but every time I hear the song I still do a little dance no matter what.

Q: Which songs take you back to your teenage years?

A: Pink - Raise Your Glass. I remember singing this song with my sister and learning that it's OK to just be me.

Q: What music gets you through tough times?

A: The Wombats - Let's Dance to Joy Division. This song has gotten me though so much and every time I listen to it it reminds me that even if everything seems to be going wrong that it could be so much worse. It tells me that no matter what I am the one that determines what makes me happy.

Q: What type of music would best describe your first love?

A: The Lumineers - Ophelia reminds me so much of my first love. It's beautifully tragic.

Q: If you could choose a band to play on the soundtrack of you life who would it be?

A: I would have the singer Bry be the soundtrack of my life because he puts his heart and soul into everything he sings and everything is so personal and meaningful and I can relate to him really well.

Q: If you could play a song to give you confidence what song would it be?

A: Any music by Young The Giant especially their song Mind over Matter. I find that it so motivational and tells me that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

Q: What song brings back happy memories and why?

A: After me and my friends have gone for a spin or a night out on the way home we would play Panic At the Discos - I Write Sins Not Tragedies on full volume and sing until our throats hurt. Every time I hear the song all I can think of is my amazing friends and all the adventures we have had together and all the adventures to come.

Q: If you could choose three songs to listen to for the rest of your life what would they be and why?


The Wombats - Greek tragedy

Two Door Cinema Club - I can talk

John Lennon - Dreamer

Q: What song reminds you of your one true passion?

A: Young the Giant - My Body. One thing I am truly passionate about is being honest with myself and others. This song reminds me that no matter what others say or want me to be/do, that I should listen to

Q: What song reminds you of the one place you love to visit?

A: Hollow Coves - The Woods. There is no one true place I want to visit, I just want to see the world. This song reminds me of my love for the wilderness and how beautiful it is.