An 18-year-old man has been given a second chance and avoided a driving ban at Fermanagh Magistrates Court after being found guilty of using a motor vehicle without insurance.

Gavin Patrick Maguire of Fassagh Road, Belleek was stopped by police while driving his mother's car on October 11, 2018.

The court heard that at 11.45am on the day in question police detected a black Audi A4 towing a Volkswagen Bora on the Loughshore Road. The Bora had no hazard lights on. Police pulled in the cars and found the defendant driving the Audi had no insurance. The driver of the Bora, a 16-year-old male, was also not insured to drive the car.

Maguire made a full admission when interviewed.

Sean McHugh, defence solicitor for Maguire, told the court that it was quite unfortunate circumstances and there was a certain irony surrounding the charges as Maguire was insured in the Bora he was towing but was not insured to drive his mother's car.

Mr. McHugh said his client had been returning home the previous evening when his car, the Volkswagen Bora, broke down on the Shore Road. The 18 year old had returned the following day to retrieve it and admitted that he never checked was he insured in his mothers car as he was anxious to get his own vehicle home and fixed.

Mr. McHugh continued added that following the offence the insurance had been amended on the defendant's mother's car and asked that instead of penalty points that may lead to disqualification, a short disqualification be imposed instead.

District Judge Michael Ranaghan said that everybody deserves a chance and he took into account the very early plea and that the insurance issues had been rectified before imposing a three week disqualification and £150 fine.