Thousands of people across Northern Ireland including Fermanagh have been unaware of benefits and support systems available to them.

The Department of Communities have been working on local people’s behalf to change this. Their new “Make A Call” service encourages local people who they think may be entitled to financial support to ring up and talk to a professional about any concerns they might have.

Many people can feel worried if their financial circumstances have changed due to age, illness, disability or a change in family situation.

The department are offering many helpful schemes to the people of Fermanagh. Some Grants including School Uniform grants, help with healthcare costs, The Blue Badge scheme application and home grants are only some of which are available.

The “Make a Call” service is a completely free and confidential line with trained professionals who know the ins and outs of most problems. The team have stressed the importance of calling them if you think you are entitled to any support or if the people of Fermanagh have any concerns or worries.

To get in contact with one of the helpful team members call 0800 232 1271 or text CHECK to 67300 and they will be sure to phone you back.

For more information on the service visit