Social media can be an unforgiving place and local Sinn Fein Councillor Sheamus Greene found that out over the weekend when he mistook an IFA official for Irish President Michael D Higgins.

As the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge started off their two day visit to Northern Ireland their first visit was to the IFA and Windsor Park and were greeted by a man who certainly bore a striking resemblance to the Irish president.

The man bowed towards William and Kate and it motivated Councillor Greene to take to twitter where he posted a picture of the meeting with the following tweet: “Irish President Michael D Higgins bows to the Royals, that is just plainly embarrassing.”

It wasn’t the Irish President however and Councillor Greene quickly deleted his tweet and apologised. “It wasn't Michael D Higgins. Apologies, my mistake. They say everyone has a double tho!"

He followed this tweet up with another tweet and a video of the meeting, saying: “Ok hands up who all thought this was Michael D?"