A 28-year-old man who caused a road traffic collision after he “misjudged” the distance he was from a junction has been found guilty of driving without due care and attention.

Dean David Farrell of Clabby Road, Clabby was pulling out from the junction of the Drumcor Road and Clabby Road on November 22, 2018 when the incident took place.

Police were called to respond to a road traffic collision on the Clabby Road, Tempo at around 8pm.

The defendant was driving a Toyota Hilux and the onus was on him to give way. The injured party was travelling along the Clabby Road in the direction of Clabby when Farrell’s Hilux emerged from the junction.

The injured party struck the Hilux before leaving the road, moving down an embankment and ending up on its roof.

When questioned about the incident, Farrell gave detail of how it happened.

He said he was driving home from a friend’s house was was coming up to the junction to make a right turn towards Clabby.

A large vehicle which was coming towards him had dazzled him with their lights and when the vehicle had passed he realised he was past the junction. He saw the car coming towards him and tried to clear the junction however the other vehicle struck Farrell’s pick-up.

When asked how well he knew the Drumcor Road, Farrell replied that he was not overly familiar with it and only used it occasionally.

The injured party was brought to hospital with his injuries and was released a short time later.

Farrell’s solicitor said his client apologised for the injury caused. He said on the night of the incident it was dark and Farrell was confronted by a large vehicle and after the vehicle had passed him he had misjudged the distance to the junction, finding himself halfway across the junction. He continued that the 28 year old admitted fault for the collision and had went to try and help the injured party in their car.

The solicitor asked for Farrell to be dealt with as leniently as possible as his licence was vital for his line of work.

District Judge Michael Ranaghan told Farrell he would not be disqualifying him on the basis of what had been said on his behalf, his admission and early plea and his action the scene.

The 28 year old was fined £200 and had seven penalty points endorsed on his licence.