Unionist politicians Arlene Foster and Rosemary Barton have met with Attorney General John Larkin following his refusal to reopen the inquests of some of those killed in the Enniskillen bombing.

Twelve people died when the IRA bombed the Remembrance Day parade in on Belmore Street in November 1987.

The Impartial Reporter revealed back in January that this request has been turned down with Mr. Larkin’s office saying in a statement: “Attorney General’s practice is normally not to disclose inquest decisions”.

In a statement this week a spokeswoman for Mr. Larkin confirmed that the Attorney General had met with the Fermanagh-south Tyrone representatives.

“The Attorney General met with the two MLAs you mention,” she said.

Neither politician provided any detail on the meeting when asked to comment by this newspaper, with Mrs. Foster saying: “I continue to provide support where I can to the innocent victims of terrorism in my constituency.”

“This is an ongoing process of engagement with a number of individuals and bodies,” said the Democratic Unionist leader.

Ulster Unionist MLA Rosemary Barton did not elaborate when she was asked to comment, instead in a statement she said: “I have recently been engaged in a number of meetings and discussions with various groups and organisations.

“I will continue to assist where possible, in a positive and proactive manner to help those innocent victims in our community. This work is ongoing.”

Mr. Larkin’s decision to turn down the request came amid the revelation that the Irish government received a letter after the bomb attack claiming British intelligence was aware of it.

Recently released Irish government papers reveal that days after the explosion then Tánaiste Brian Lenihan received a letter from someone claiming to be an MI5 agent stating that the agency knew about the bomb before it was placed.

The letter writer said British Intelligence let it go ahead so that the IRA would score an "own goal" and face a backlash.