A motion to oppose the dumping of any toxic waste in any part of Ireland was passed unanimously by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, however it was not without some political wrangling between Sinn Féin and the DUP.

The motion proposed by Sinn Fein’s John Feely states the Council’s opposition who said that the “dumping of nuclear waste has dire consequences for our environment and also poses a serious health risk to the population”.

Councillor Feely said the geological screening for geological disposal facilities for nuclear waste raised a number of questions such as about how much radiation would reach the surface and water sources.

He added that the proposals by the British Government showed once again “the complete and total disregard” it has for the citizens of “Fermanagh and Omagh, the North of Ireland and all its people”.

Councillor Barry Doherty seconded the motion saying everybody had obligation to ensure future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the area in the same way that people do today and Ireland should not turn into anyone’s dumping ground.

DUP Councillor Keith Elliott spoke on the issue and pointed out that policy on this matter was an issue for devolved government and said surely the best course of action would be for Sinn Féin to speak to their party colleagues who are currently vetoing the return of devolution.

“If Sinn Féin lifted their boycott of the assembly and executive then they could ensure once and for all no nuclear waste would be stored in Northern Ireland,” he said.

“Why does Sinn Féin want to write to ministers at Westminster when they can take decide for themselves.

“The logic of Sinn Féin’s position appears to be that radiation poison is less of an issue to them than an Irish Language Act.”

Councillor Alex Baird said the UUP were happy to support the motion with an amendment to stop anybody dumping toxic waste in Northern Ireland.

Councillors, Shields, McAnespy and Deehan all welcomed the motion, with Councillor Deehan describing the prospect of a disposal facility for nuclear waste in the country as “chilling”.

In his final remarks, Councillor Feely shot back at the DUP describing the party as a “little dog who get kicked the whole time but always returns to their master” before quoting Edward Carson: “I was only a puppet and so was Ulster and so was Ireland in the political game that was to get the Conservative party into power.”

He added: “The British are only interested in power and do not care about us and they would put nuclear toxic waste in our country if they wanted to.

“Forget about them, the future is not with them,” he told the meeting.