Calling the experience “magical,” Artist Claire Falconer has spent time engaging with members of the public over the last week during her residency at the Enniskillen Creative Shop. During her first few days in the space, Claire had it staged as an artist’s studio, complete with easels and still life displays. As people nervously entered, Claire welcomed them in and encouraged them to get involved by making art, whether it was a sketch, a still life study or a self portrait.

“Everybody gives in and says yes and then very quickly they find themselves lost in it, sitting with a little smile on their face whilst drawing,” said Claire.

In the first couple of days, Claire had a varied range of visitors from local art novices and creative children to a man from Latvia who created a detailed self portrait in charcoal.

During her time creating art at the Creative Shop with Claire, one lady commented on her experience. She said: “In a thousand years I would never have thought that I was going to do my own portrait.”

This week Claire has been joined in the Creative Shop by Maura Logue of Dark Daughter Productions and Costume Hire. Adopting different characters throughout the week, two of their personalities include Lady Jayne Wilde, Oscar’s mother (Maura) and a mysterious botanical Artist (Claire) who are visiting the island town in the year 1800. Having dressed the space as an atelier, they have been encouraging visitors to don costumes of the era and immerse themselves in the story.

Talking about the Enniskillen Creative Shop project, Claire said: “It’s wonderful to see creative pop up events in Enniskillen.”Following Claire and Maura’s takeover, which finishes today (Thursday), The Creative Shop will feature Dublin based actress Julie Sharkey from March 19 to 22 and 26 to 29.

‘Connect’ Youth group will be in the Creative Shop on Saturdays from this weekend (March 16) until April 6.

Dylan Quinn’s Dance Theatre will host ‘Baby Boogie’ in the space on Monday March 25. From April 1 to 3, he will perform elements of the contemporary dance piece ‘Fulcrum.’