More candidates have been announced this week for the forthcoming local election as those hoping to take a seat in the Council throw their names into the ring.

The Alliance Party has announced two candidates in Fermanagh with Dianne Little running in Erne North while Matthew Beaumont will be hoping to win a seat in the Enniskillen district.

Dianne Little is a well known campaigner around health issues and the current development of the Necarne Estate. She has decided to step up for change because she feels “enough is enough”.

Diane wants people to vote for her because she feels the people need a Council that “listens and is open and transparent”.

Matthew is passionate about Integrated Education, mental heatlh services and the decentralisation of services in favour of local areas.

Donal O’Cofaigh, who will be running as a Cross-Community Labour Alternative in Enniskillen, handed in his nomination papers last Tuesday and is hoping to put an end to “divisive politics”, with one of the main issues he will be campaigning for will be around the health service.

The Green Party will also have a candidate running in the Enniskillen ward.

Debbie Coleman, a long term environmental campaigner and Green activist, with a life long career in nursing within the NHS and with a specialism in Forensic Psychiatry, will be running on issues surrounding animal welfare, public transport, waste and health and social care in particular service affecting the local population of Fermanagh.

There is a new face running in Erne West as Cross-Community Independent. Farmer Trevor Armstrong from Letterbreen is hoping he can take a seat to demand the Council “listens, is open and transparent, and makes community health and wellbeing the number one priority in our Council and in our Community”.

John McCluskey, running as an Independent says he will be available at all times to be held accountable by the electorate of Erne East if elected and believes all elected representatives “should be available for such scrutiny”. While Caroline Wheeler, will be putting her lifelong activism work to use in the Council, if she claims a seat in Erne East.