The head of the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s public prosecution branch yesterday offered to meet with the sex abuse victims who have been coming forward to this newspaper in recent weeks.
In a statement, Detective Chief Superintendent Paula Hilman said: “I am aware of the coverage relating to historic child sexual abuse cases covered by The Impartial Reporter in recent weeks. I would like to offer to meet with any of these victims to explore these incidents further.  
“We treat every allegation of child sexual abuse seriously and I would encourage anyone who has been the victim of any sexual or physical abuse, whether recently or in the past to report it directly to the police service on non-emergency line 101 where specially trained detectives within Public Protection Branch will investigate the case and can also signpost victims to support services.”
She said victims “should have confidence that their reports will be dealt with seriously, sensitively and with the utmost care and respect.”
“Public Protection Branch are committed to ensuring we detect those committing these crimes and will seek to bring to justice those found to be involved in child sexual abuse,” she said.
In a statement yesterday a spokeswoman for Translink said: “In view of the extremely serious matters you raise, I can confirm that Translink have already contacted the PSNI and are in the process of informing the Education Authority and any other appropriate bodies.”
She continued: “In the meantime you will, I hope, understand that it would be completely premature of us to make any further comment. Please rest assured that Translink are taking your e-mail and its contents very seriously and this will be given the highest possible priority.”

Nexus NI offers counselling and support.  For further information visit or to make an appointment contact the Enniskillen office on 028 66 32 0046.

If, like ‘John’, you feel strong enough to share your story or information about sex abuse in Fermanagh e-mail or phone 028 66 32 44 22. Do you have information relating to the litany of abuse carried out by David Sullivan or others? All conversations or correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence.