A couple of candidates in the upcoming council elections gave their support for the ‘Youth Strike 4 Climate’ which took place in Enniskillen town centre last week.

Green Party candidate Debbie Coleman stood with the young people in Enniskillen on Friday as they protested for “climate justice.” She said: “Climate breakdown is the greatest threat to the survival, not only of the landscapes and creatures that we love, but of humanity itself. It is today’s young people who will face the worst effects of chaotic changes to our climate, and they are speaking out across the world.”

During the coming weeks, Debbie and the Green Party have stated that they will be out regularly, continuing to clear dangerous and unsightly rubbish from Enniskillen town, speaking up for our local health services and supporting young people in their call for a cleaner and fairer future.

Also giving his support to the young people and their strike, Cross-Community Labour Alternative candidate Donal O’Cofaigh said: “These students are joining a global movement of young people who are demanding action to safeguard the future of humanity and our environment, and they should be congratulated.”

He continued: “We need public investment in renewable energy, free and accessible public transport and green technology.

“This could create many high-quality jobs, as well as beginning to grapple with global warming and environmental destruction. This is what I would fight for as a councillor.”

“To tackle climate change, we need to fight for socialist change. That means taking society’s huge wealth and resources into public ownership and using them in a planned and democratic way to meet the needs of people and planet, not profit,” added Mr. O’Cofaigh.

Both Ms. Coleman and Mr. O’Cofaigh are running as candidates in the upcoming council elections for the ward of Enniskillen.

Also running in the upcoming council elections for Enniskillen are Matthew Beaumont (Alliance), Paul Blake (Social Democratic and Labour Party), Debbie Coyle (Sinn Féin), Tommy Maguire (Sinn Féin), Donald Crawford (Traditional Unionist Voice), Keith Elliott (Democratic Unionist Party), Simon Wiggins (Democratic Unionist Party), Robert Irvine (Ulster Unionist Party) and Howard Thornton (Ulster Unionist Party.)