You may have seen Spider-Gwen at St. Macartin’s Cathedral Hall on Saturday, or Deadpool and Queen Mera in Tickety Moo and Sweet Memories. That can only mean one thing-the Enniskillen ComicFest is getting close! ComicFest returns for its fourth year to Enniskillen on May 10 and 11, bringing the world of comic books and superheroes to the town to celebrate sequential art and storytelling. Following the programme of previous years, there will be comic creators visiting local schools on Friday May 10 and then Saturday May 11 will be the main Convention day for the public. This year our venue is once again St. Macartin’s Cathedral Hall which will be packed with comic creators, both professional and self-published. Merchandise and comics will be on sale and there will be plenty of cosplayers bringing to life your favourite characters.

Among guests this year is Nigel Parkinson who has been drawing Dennis The Menace in the Beano for several years now. Everyone knows Dennis and Gnasher, two of the most iconic characters in British comics. There will also be superstar artist Simon Bisley who’s distinctive art style can be seen in Slaine: The Horned God, Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgement On Gotham, Lobo and the ABC Warriors. Simon’s art revolutionised comics in the early nineties and he is making his first appearance in Enniskillen. Also making his first visit to Enniskillen is the legendary Ian Kennedy who’s comics career stretches back over 50 years. His artwork will be instantly recognisable to anyone who read Commando, Warlord, the Eagle, Starlord, Battle or Tornado. Writer Paul Cornell has written episodes of Doctor Who as well as a series of novels and audio dramas.

These are just a few of the twenty three guests from across Ireland and the UK who will be appearing at ComicFest this year.

There will be a Charity Auction of rare comic merchandise and character sketches which have been donated by well known comic artists. This year we will be supporting Action Cancer and all money raised will go to this very important charity.