At a meeting of the Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) members raised the issue of the recent revelations of historical child sex abuse in Fermanagh.

Victims have detailed to this newspaper their harrowing experiences at the hands of people in Enniskillen and beyond including paedophile bus driver David Sullivan, who was murdered in 1998.

Detective Inspector Lorraine McCutcheon, who is the leading officer in the investigation was present at the meeting on Tuesday and spoke with PCSP members.

PCSP member and current sitting DUP Councillor Keith Elliott questioned the investigating officer for historical child sex abuse in Fermanagh, who was also at the meeting.

Councillor Keith Elliott asked Detective Inspector McCutcheon to outline what police are doing in relation to investigating these cases further given the recent reports of historical child sex abuse in Enniskillen and the surrounding area and the horrific detail that has been reported. Councillor Elliott was encouraged by her response saying: “She informed us that she is now the lead investigating officer into historical child sex abuse in Fermanagh.

“She had given us a presentation on the Northern Ireland version of Clare’s law which covers disclosures about domestic violence. I felt it was an appropriate time to raise my concerns about the horrific stories that are coming forward through The Impartial Reporter.

“I am encouraged by her response and will be following this closely.”

Sinn Féin Councillor Tommy Maguire was also present at the meeting as were other Councillors Councillor Maguire would not be drawn on what was said during the meeting when asked by this newspaper yesterday (Wednesday).

“Concerns were raised and I voiced concerns and we got a response from the PSNI. But obviously with the possible proceedings of the PSNI and the confidential nature of those proceedings we wouldn’t be making a public opinion at this time,” he said.

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