Sinn Féin have retained the most seats in Fermanagh on the first day of counting despite losing one in Erne East.

With the first day of counting now finished the electorate of Fermanagh can take a look at the state of play following the count at Omagh Leisure Centre.

For the majority it was very much as you were in terms of party representation.

That is in everywhere except Erne East where Sinn Féin lost one of their three seats to Independent candidate John McCluskey.

McCluskey who ran a strong campaign around the needs of a local doctor’s surgery in Rosslea was elected on the first count.

He was joined by the UUP’s Victor Warrington and the DUP’s Paul Robinson who topped the polls in the ward.

Sinn Féin did retain two seats with Thomas O’Reilly and Sheamus Greene returning while Garbhan McPhillips filled the sixth seat after stage six of the count.

In Erne West the political make up in the ward remains unchanged.

Alex Baird of the UUP polled the most votes as in 2014.

Sitting Independent Councillor Bernice Swift and Sinn Féin’s Anthony Feely were returned after stage four.

There will be fresh faces in the Council chamber in the form of Adam Gannon (SDLP) and Chris McCaffery (SF).

McCaffery at 23 years old is the youngest elected representative in Fermanagh. Gannon at 24 years old is not far behind him.

Sinn Féin had a bittersweet moment in Erne North as outgoing vice-Chairman on Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, John Feely is replaced by his running mate Siobhán Currie.

The UUP’s Diana Armstrong topped the poll in the ward. 

The SDLP’s John Coyle was also returned.

The final two seats were fought out by the UUP’s John McClaughrey and the DUP’s David Mahon and Deborah Armstrong.

In the end, like Sinn Féin the DUP held on to the seat but there is a new owner, with Deborah Armstrong their sole representative in Erne North.

John McClaughery made it two seats for the UUP as the Erne North DEA was the last to be announced.

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