The Department of Economy has announced this morning that it has received an application for a Petroleum Licence covering a large area to the west of Upper Lough Erne and south of Lower Lough Erne.

In accordance with the provisions of the Petroleum (Production) Act (Northern Ireland) 1964, the Department says it received the application from Tamboran Resources (UK) Limited for a Petroleum Licence and has accepted it as a valid application.

It is now subject to consultation.

This area overlies part of a geological basin, with deeply buried sedimentary rocks that are likely to include organic rich source/reservoir rocks and reservoir sealing rocks. The underlying geology means that there may potential for natural gas to be present. This document provides you with detailed information about the geology, the history of exploration in this area and the Applicant’s proposed work programme.

The area under consideration in this application comprises approximately 650 sq. km. to the west of Upper Lough Erne and south of Lower Lough Erne in County Fermanagh. This area forms part of the geological Lough Allen sedimentary basin1 in counties Fermanagh, Leitrim and Cavan, which is known to contain rocks of Early Carboniferous age. In the deepest parts of the basin there are successions of Carboniferous and possibly older Devonian sedimentary rocks more than 3.5 kilometres thick. In terms of petroleum geology the Carboniferous strata contain organic-rich shales (potential source rocks and reservoirs), limestones, sandstones (potential reservoir rocks) and mudrocks (potential caprocks or seals).

Summary of proposed Work Programme Years

1 – 3 (Part I) · Initiate public engagement programme.

* Re-analysis of existing exploration data, including structural interpretation.

* Identification of potential drilling sites for a stratigraphic borehole; obtain suitable site, design drilling programme for stratigraphic borehole, carry out baseline environmental monitoring.

* Prepare and submit application for permission to drill stratigraphic borehole.

* Subject to obtaining necessary approvals, prepare site and drill stratigraphic borehole, cut and analyse Bundoran Shale core for gas content, mechanical and chemical properties, run downhole geophysical logs.

* Subject to positive results from the stratigraphic borehole, the company will begin process of selection of exploration well site, design of well operations and environmental baseline monitoring. Drill or drop decision before end of Year 3 – the company informs DfE of its intention to proceed to part II of the Work Programme or it ‘drops’ – relinquishes – the licence without drilling an exploration well.

Years 4 – 5 (Part II)

* Carry out an Environmental Risk Assessment for proposed shale gas operations as a first stage risk assessment and starting point for engagement with regulators and local communities.

* Complete and interpret a 3D seismic survey over areas of interest.

* Complete plan & design of exploration well, including fracking and testing programme, and all associated monitoring programmes.

* Submit applications for all permits associated with proposed well operations (including planning, technical, environmental, Health & Safety)

* Subject to obtaining all necessary permits, drill exploration well, carry out hydraulically fracturing and testing.

* Analyse results. § Plug and abandon well, restore wellsite or, if successful, complete well for possible future production.