A plane due to travel to Belfast from Bristol failed to take off after cabin crew were subject to inappropriate comments from what is understood to have been from some members of a rugby tour. 

The flight was due to land in Belfast at 14:45. 

One Fermanagh was caught up in the delay with police called on to the Easy Jet plane to deal with the incident. 

The man, who did not want to be named, explained that the flight failed to take off the captain explaining that police had been called due to inappropriate comments made to cabin crew. 

"Families and businesspeople have all been delayed because of the comments that have been made. But having said that I think the right thing was done," said the Fermanagh man.

"Easy Jet were right. Staff shouldn't be subjected to those sorts of comments. The captain explained that he was speaking to police about the incident and then police boarded the plane and took at least one man off."

The plane is due to take off again shortly after 3:00pm with the Captain thanking those members of the Rugby tour "who had been helpful" according to the Fermanagh traveller.