A number of local young people have taken to the streets of Enniskillen today to demand action on the "climate catastrophe."

Inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who began “striking” from school on Fridays to lobby the Swedish parliament on climate change in August 2018, today's demonstration, led by Enniskillen 'Youth Strike 4 Climate,' is the second to take place in the Fermanagh town in the last few months.

Speaking out at the demonstration, one of the organisers Meabh Mackin said: "We are here today because although our government has declared a climate emergency, they have not taken any meaningful action to stop the effects of climate breakdown."

She added: "Stand with us today to ensure the future of your children and their survival as a species in Fermanagh."

Meabh was joined by other young people who held aloft placards with slogans and messages stating their concerns. "What about us? What about our future?" emblazoned a placard held by Eibhlinn Fee. Speaking to The Impartial Reporter about her daughter Eibhlinn and her peers' involvement in the demonstrations, Selene Fee said: "They've just had their GCSE's and they're worried about their GCSE's but Eibhlinn had a placard the last time that said, 'What's the point in studying for a future we don't have.' It's very poignant and they feel that."

She continued: "They were so happy when the climate emergency got called but that's it, there's nothing else and they can see that there's nothing else."

Selene noted that the young people also recognise how "absolutely ludicrous" the prospect of fracking in Fermanagh is during a time when a climate emergency has just recently been called.

The demonstration took place in the centre of Enniskillen from 11am to 2pm on Friday May 24. During their "strike," the young people talked to members of the public about their concerns and were given support by representatives of the Green Party.