The Police Service of Northern Ireland has finally admitted that it DID know of claims that David Sullivan was a child abuser before his brutal murder in 1998 in which he ended up buried in a bog near Belcoo.
The notorious paedophile, a former school bus driver with Ulsterbus, carried out a litany of abuse on young children across Fermanagh for decades. But he was never arrested, charged or prosecuted for any of it.
His depraved past has been unearthed by The Impartial Reporter after a number of brave victims came forward in recent weeks to reveal how he had stolen their innocence. 
The PSNI has repeatedly refused to reveal to this newspaper what it knew about the abuse before Sullivan’s brutal murder.
However, Detective Superintendent Anne Marks of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) told BBC News NI last week that detectives were aware of two cases reported before Sullivan’s death “that would suggest that he did abuse children”.
As of last week 11 people had come forward to police since a specialist team was set up earlier this month following reports in this newspaper.
However, it’s understood that number has risen in that time. 
“Almost half of them have previously come to the police before and reported their concerns about childhood sexual abuse,” said Ms Marks last week. 
“Two of those reports related to David Sullivan.
“Policing now of this type of crime is completely different to policing of that type of crime 20, 30 years ago.
“We now have dedicated officers - those officers deal with cases of abuse, of child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse on a daily basis,” she told BBC News NI. 
It’s understood detectives contacted and met with victims this week as the investigation into historic sex abuse here continues. 

Do you have information relating to the abuse carried out by David Sullivan or other men and women in Fermanagh? If, you feel strong enough to share your story or information about sex abuse in Fermanagh e-mail or phone 028 66 32 44 22. You can also write to: Rodney Edwards, The Impartial Reporter, 8 - 10 East Bridge Street, Enniskillen, BT74 7BT. All conversations or correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence.