At the first full meeting of the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council it was claimed that “threatening letters” have been sent to one councillor telling the councillor to “review their position”.

The claims were made by newly elected Councillor for Erne East, John McCluskey (pictured right).

Councillor McCluskey brought the matter up under any urgent business.

However, Council chairperson Siobhan Currie stopped Councillor McCluskey in his tracks stating that the matter should be discussed in committee.

In committee takes place without members of the public or the press in attendance.

Councillor McCluskey started by saying he would be brief in raising his point: “It is in relation to a councillor in this chamber receiving a very disturbing letter asking him or her to consider their position as a councillor because of something they have done or not done,” Councillor McCluskey stated before adding:

“All I would say is that it affects me obviously, and everyone else for the future, it is a bad start.

“I could make a mistake; you could make a mistake. We are all human, I think the matter should be reviewed and looked at. You don’t send threatening letters out to councillors who have just been elected asking them to review their position, I think it is totally out of order.”

Councillor McCluskey continued by saying: “And I would just say for both parties, mistakes can be made anywhere but just have a rethink about it and withdraw those sorts of remarks.”

It was at this point, after discussion with the Chief Executive of the Council, Brendan Hegarty, that chairperson Currie intervened.

She said: “This can be discussed in committee, we are in the full council chamber and you can’t just make those allegations,” she stated.