Rory Gallagher believes his side played better in defeat to Monaghan this season than they did in victory over the same opposition last year.

And when asked about his future the Fermanagh manager, said that he and his management still have a massive appetite for football.

Gallagher was speaking following his side's four point loss to Monaghan in the first round of the All Ireland qualifiers. It was a game that saw the Erne men missing a host of good chances over the course of the 70 plus minutes with Gallagher reflecting that it was a better performance from his team than when the two sides met last year:

“We played a hell of a lot better this year than we did last year when we lost to them. We are a far better team. But are we as good say as Rory Beggan is with his kick outs, are we as good when it comes to free kicks or scoring forwards? No, we are not, at the minute, but that is the challenge for those boys and whoever is with them, whether it is us or not.”

When asked about his own future and whether or not he had the appetite for a third year Gallagher said:

“I don't know, I have a very strong appetite for football, and so does all the management team and we are unbelievably proud of the way the boys have developed. We are doing an awful lot right but can we get the couple of quality forward to make the difference, because that is the challenge.”