The organisers of the We Deserve Better campaign hosted a peaceful protest at the Broadmeadow, Enniskillen on Thursday May 30 to “keep the pressure” on Northern Ireland’s political parties to “reform and re-establish a government.”

The rain didn’t deter as a number of campaigners came out to support the People’s Assembly demonstration, bringing chairs of different styles, to represent diversity, which were set out in the format of the Northern Ireland assembly.

Speaking to The Impartial Reporter at the demonstration, Dylan Quinn, founder of the We Deserve Better campaign, said: “We are here in order to demonstrate, to make our voices heard about the lack of government we have in Northern Ireland, with the People’s Assembly here because for over two years now we have not had a government in Northern Ireland and rather than wait for them to form an assembly we have decided to do it ourselves.”

Dylan was joined in conversation by Meabh Mackin. Meabh said: “We obviously live in a democratic country and we elect representatives for our local assembly and they are not doing their job.”

She added: “They are not representing us and we are here to put pressure on them to actually do their job and serve the people of Northern Ireland, like they were elected to do.”

Commenting on the format of the peaceful protest, Dylan said: “I think it’s about trying to find creative ways to make people sit up and take notice and for them to hear the fact that we’re here. If we keep our voices quiet, then that serves them well because they don’t hear the frustration that we feel.”

He added: “So I wanted to do things which are people friendly, which are family friendly, which are inclusive, which are non-violent but also will hopefully catch people’s eye so we can make sure to keep that message going.”