Four-year-old Lorcan McCaffrey could have one extraordinary Teddy Bear picnic.

The young boy has collected over 500 teddy bears since the first week in May and they have taken over the living room ion the house.

But there is a more touching reason for all these teddies.

Lorcan wants to give back to the community by helping young children who may need some comfort in their lives during difficult times.

The four year old wants to give the teddy bears to organisations to use as “trauma teddies” to help distract and amuse children.

Lorcan’s mother Dolores explains what inspired her son to begin collecting the bears.

“We were watching a programme on TV and it was to do with the a children’s hospital in Manchester and a policeman came in and gave a wee girl one of these teddy bears.

“She was in a car accident and she was with her mummy in the car accident and both of them got hurt and that was where it all basically started from.

“It really touched him you know the wee girl hadn’t her mummy with her and it brought back memories of last year when I was in hospital.

“So he got up and went upstairs and bagged all these teddies he had.

“He said mummy remember that teddy I gave you when you were sick? Well I want to give these teddies away to the other children whose mummies might be sick as well so that’s where it all came from.

“So it has stemmed from both us watching that programme on the hospital and with myself being in the hospital as well and he just wanted to give a little bit back to the community.”

And so began the journey to collect the 550 teddies. And his appeal has gained momentum. Enniskillen Nursery, which Lorcan attends and the Model Primary School where he is going next year have collect for the four year old as well.

“So he started collecting and going around and asking for bears from the neighbours.

“And I had put a post on Facebook as well if anyone else would like to donate to his cause and he met everybody and gave a hug to everybody.

“So with everybody hearing his story it has really grown.

“My living room is overflown with teddy bears and people are still donating and even businesses are getting involved as collection points where people could leave any bags of teddies.”

Lorcan does not look like slowing down in his collection of teddy bears and it the living room is going even more crowded.

But he is looking for a new home for the teddies he has collected.

Dolores has been in contact with various organisations with the Ambulance service and the PSNI saying they would take some of the bears.

And because of seeing the policeman giving the young girl the “trauma teddy”, Dolores says her son wants to donate to the PSNI.

“Because he seen the policeman delivering the teddy bear to the child in the hospital he would ideally like a policeman come to him so he could give the teddies to him.”

So far Action for Children, Social Services, South West Acute Hospital have said they would be taking some of the teddies. Lorcan and Dolores would like to thank everybody who has donated and the businesses, Xpress Laundrettes, the Spar Shop, Sligo Road and The Bottle Shop, Sligo Road, that have been used as collection points.

If you would like to donate any teddy bears to Lorcan you can contact Dolores McCaffrey on Facebook.