A dog has had one of its ears cut off after being slashed with a knife in an incident in Brookeborough in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday).

Scott Robinson found his dalmatian sitting at his front door with “blood running out of him” and after taking his 13-year-old dog to the vet he was informed that it is likely that a knife was used in the unexplained attack.

“They have cut Charlie’s ear off, there was blood everywhere. They are the lowest of the low, there is nothing worse. It is sick, it is horrendous,” the businessman told impartialreporter.com.

“To think this wasn’t done by an animal and was done by another human being makes me cross, it makes me angry. I am more annoyed that shocked, especially where I live.”

Mr. Robinson claims several men have been acting suspiciously in the area in recent weeks by attempting to break into nearby property. Their identities are not known.

He says he has attempted to contact the Police Service of Northern Ireland about last night’s incident.

“I hope whoever did this can be caught,” he said.