A protest in support of child sex abuse victims in Fermanagh is set to take place tomorrow (Saturday) in Enniskillen.

It comes as over 30 alleged sex abuse victims have spoken to The Impartial Reporter with allegations against over 50 men spanning several decades.

A special team has been set up by the Police Service of Northern Ireland to review every single case in Fermanagh as more and more alleged victims question the apparent inaction of the police and other authorities in the past.

Enniskillen Councillor Donal O'Cofaigh is one of the organisers of tomorrow’s protest which will take place outside the Courthouse on East Bridge Street at 12 noon.

“There is a lot of concern in the community and the inaction on this issue and the fact these revelations continue to mount. A lot of people have been asking myself and others to highlight this, to make it an issue that forces action,” he said.

Councillor O’Cofaigh is encouraging as many people as possible to join him and others in support of the many alleged sex abuse victims who have come forward.

“Our protest, which could well be a silent protest, will take place outside the Courthouse. I would encourage people to join us with homemade placards. We in Fermanagh need to show that there is a huge concern among the community for this.

“We will be calling for justice for victims of sexual abuse in Fermanagh. This is a very serious issue, we want people to show the severity of this. This is not something that we take lightly. I encourage any politicians who feels strongly on this to join us,” he said.