A Fermanagh woman whose three UDR brothers were killed by the IRA has spoken for the first time about the impact on her family saying the memory of those harrowing days “is always with you”.

Pam Morrison is the only surviving member of her family.

Ronnie, Cecil and Jimmy Graham were all shot dead in separate attacks within six years of each other in the county the 1980s.

Lance Corporal Ronnie Graham (39) was killed in June 1981 as he delivered groceries for a local shop while five months later his brother Private Cecil Graham (32) died two days after he was shot as he visited his wife’s family home.

None of the people who carried out the killings have been convicted.

She told BBC NI: “You didn't know where to turn, who to talk to or anything else. It was... really devastating for the family and to their wives and to the youngsters that they left behind”.

Ms Morrison decided to speak out for the first time, explaining that she remembers the deaths "as if they happened yesterday" and her father was left a "heartbroken man".

"That memory is always with you and the older you get the more you want your family. I just kept it all to myself. You kept going on from day to day and that was it.

"Who else is going to remember them unless I say something about it," she said, explaining her reason for finally talking publicly about her loss.