Councillors will have to come back again in August after they failed to get through the agenda at last Thursday's Council meeting in Omagh.

In what was meant to be the final meeting before summer recess, councillors were unable to complete the agenda in the time given, resulting in one motion being deferred along with the the confidential matters that were due be discussed.

The adjournment of the meeting was met with opposition from some councillors who felt the items to be discussed in confidential matters could not wait for another meeting, while one councillor hit out at numerous councillors from the same parties speaking on the same issues which have broad agreement.

Mary Garrity (SDLP) said there was "considerable debate" on the confidential matters and she would have concerns if this Council rushed through important items with Council Officer Robert Gibson describing the items in confidential matters as "fairly severe" things to discuss.

Independent Emmet McAleer spoke out about the number of councillors speaking during discussions and questioned whether there was a need for it. He also suggested staying on and getting through the agenda that evening.

"I know reference had been made earlier on to the previous chair and his efficiency and his speed in getting through and that was down to him letting one member of a party speak on a particular topic. There has been several motions there everybody is in favour of and I know previously it was said if everybody is in favour of it we agree it and move on the next item of business.

"I don’t think it's overly productive when we have a tight agenda for everybody to come in and speak on it into say they are in support of it and I do appreciate they are important issues. But if everybody agreeing and everybody is supportive surely we can get through the business.

"I know the very last item on the agenda is time sensitive so I would argue that we should be staying on tonight and we should be getting that finished tonight."

Councillor McAleer received backing from Sinn Féin's Councillor Greene for continuing the meeting.

"I would agree with Councillor McAleer, there is stuff on the agenda that needs to be dealt with tonight in my opinion and alright we mightn't get finished by half 10 but is there if everyone is in agreement, I often was up until 11 o'clock before and indeed I don’t turn into a pumpkin until 12 I don’t think so. So is it possible to, on an exceptional occasion and I think there is items that has to be discussed tonight. I don’t know what other way its got to be done. I would propose that we look to set standing orders aside on this one occasion."

Due to Standing Orders any meeting of the Council which lasts continuously for three hours shall stand adjourned.

Mr. Gibson proposed the meeting be rescheduled for Monday, August 5 at 7pm in the Townhall, Enniskillen commenting: " We understand the urgency but councillors we did start the debate with how we get through this and there is a question if there is a motion because we have at this particular time 10 different political opinions you're going to get 10 people wanting to speak on a motion, with that this is what you get."