Emmy-nominated journalist and producer, Trevor Birney, has revealed that his company, Fine Point Films, is working on a new project which will tell the story of former billionaire, Sean Quinn.

“We’ve been talking to Sean about this for a long time. We first began filming interviews last autumn and we hope to move into full production in the next few weeks,” he told the Impartial Reporter.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with Sean and members of his family and we’re both very excited at bringing his story to the screen.

“His story is a truly cinematic tale. 

“From humble beginnings on the Border, Sean Quinn single-handidly built an empire. He brought wealth and employment to an area that was previously barren and his legacy is witnessed on a Border skyline that he changed forever.”

The producer said a further announcement about the project would be made in the next few weeks with it scheduled for release in 2020.

“After No Stone Unturned and everything that has happened in the last year, it's very exciting to be working back home in Fermanagh. Our friend and colleague from the Impartial Reporter, Rodney Edwards is going to be working with us on the project which is a real bonus.

Sean has an amazing story to tell and we’re delighted that he’s entrusting us to bring it to the world.”