JMR Production presents Hedda Gabler at Fermanagh House on Wednesday, September 4 and Thursday, September 5 with 50 per cent of the proceeds from ticket sales going to charity.

Produced by Jozef Michael Rigo, founder of JMR Production, and directed by Tracey Kernaghan, Hedda Gabler focusses on the frustrated existence of its title character, exploring core issues of power, control, and social expectation. Hedda plays out her own fantasies and psychological games with those nearest to her to an ultimately costly end.

Introducing the cast members, Jozef said: “We have Sarah Phillips who has been working with Lakeland Players pantomimes for the past couple of years. Sarah is playing the main role of Hedda Gabler.” He continued: “Wayne Moohan is playing George Tesman and Emily Braddick is playing Thea Elvsted.”

“We have also given an opportunity to Adam Doherty who auditioned for a local play in Enniskillen for the first time in his life and got the part,” added Jozef. Adam will play the role of Ejlert Løvborg.

Other characters include Berte (Alison Lappin), Judge Brack (Andrew Campbell) and Juliane Tesman (Leah Robinson.)

“It’s very crucial to get the best actors to play the characters as it is a very straight and dramatic play,” commented Jozef. He added: “It’s a great cast, there’s different ages there, from 17 to about 45, so we are giving opportunities to a lot of people.”

Hedda Gabler is the third production from JMR Production. When asked why he decided to start the production company, Jozef (19) said: “There isn’t that much opportunity for people our age.”

He continued: “I just felt that we needed a group that gives opportunities to more.”

With JMR Production, Jozef explained that he also wants to help support charities. He said: “I decided that JMR Production is not just going to be a production where we get money and just put it towards other theatre productions. We decided that 50 per cent will go to charity every year.”

With Hedda Gabler, Jozef aims to raise money for Fermanagh Women’s Aid and NI Association for Mental Health. Explaining why he chose to support these charities, Jozef said: “I think the play will show that by not giving people an opportunity, not letting people talk, putting them down and not giving them enough confidence could cause a lot of mental health issues.” He added: “The play goes through that and that’s why we have chosen those two charities this year.”