At a special celebratory event surrounded by superheroes of all sizes, 'Wheelie Momma' Sarah Griffiths launched her new book.

Entitled 'My Mum is a Superhero,' the book is narrated by Sarah’s two year old son Dexter and tells the story of life as a toddler with a baby sister and a mum who uses a wheelchair.

In the book, which is beautifully illustrated by Joseph Hopkins, Dexter describes daily life, fun, dancing, adventures and cuddles, just what all toddlers want, rather than being sad or feeling disadvantaged. Dexter’s mum is his hero and he sees her true superpowers.

During the launch at Fermanagh House on Saturday, July 27, those in attendance were treated to a reading of the book.

Dressed in superhero and character costumes of all different styles, children and their parents enjoyed an afternoon of celebrations and fun activities rounded off with a very special cake.

Special guests at the launch included Karen Dwyer, Dr. Aideen McGinley and Noelle McAlinden. Speaking following the event, Aideen said: "Sarah is truly one of life’s superhero’s. Her book is a beacon of light for individuals and families living with disabilities by putting into words through her son Dexter’s eyes how special his mummy is.It her indomitable spirit and abilities that shine through. A truly inspiring book that is an example to us all that the most important gift in life is love."

Describing the book launch as a "huge success," Noelle commented: "We were in the company of legends, guardians and superheroes at the launch of Sarah Griffiths first published book 'My Mum is a Superhero.'"

She continued: "This book is a must read for adults and children alike and should be in every school. There are lessons for all of us and the acknowledgement that in the face of adversity and amongst many challenges, opportunities can emerge to celebrate great resilience and strength in creative and resourceful ways."

Noelle concluded by congratulating Sarah.

Speaking following her book launch and describing it as a "great day of fun and celebration," Sarah commented: "I was so humbled by the turn out and the effort everyone went to dressing up to express their inner superhero."

"The response to the book has been amazing and I love hearing how it has touched the hearts of children and parents alike and inspires them to turn their own trials into triumphs using their unique superpowers," she added.