The death took place on Saturday, August 10 of 51-year-old Enniskillen lady Janet Hynes, who has been described by her family as “the kindest person” they knew.

Janet’s sister, Caroline McQuaid, said that her sister’s death would “leave a huge void that we just don’t know how we are going to fill”.

Janet was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2017 and underwent surgery and chemotherapy in 2018. In April of this year the cancer returned but according to Caroline, it was Janet’s faith that kept her strong and positive.

“She had great faith. She told me that she thanked God for getting cancer because it brought her closer to him. I told her that was very hard for the family to hear but she told me not to be frightened and not to worry, that her faith would bring her to God.”

Caroline also explained her sister’s kindness and her giving nature: “She was always helping people and she never wanted any sort of credit for helping people. She just saw the good in people, she would always say that to me. She would say that she wanted for nothing in her life and that if she could give some money or food to someone who was in need then that was important.”

Caroline said that the giving nature of Janet was something that was instilled in all the Hynes children by their late parents, Frank and Betty Hynes.

“Our parents fostered a lot of children, over 150 came through our house. We were always taught to help people and to try and do good. Janet always thought that there wasn’t enough for teenagers in Enniskillen, she was always saying that. She would always say that if someone had got in trouble that it was life that had sent them down the wrong path and that they needed help,” Caroline said.

Janet did have a love for nice cars and many around town would recognise her driving in her distinctive white BMW: “She had no vices, she never drank and smoked. She did like a nice car though and of course she was always looking pristine, with the hair perfect and her make up done, she was beautiful,” Caroline said.

But it is Janet’s nature that will be remembered most by those that loved her.

“She was just a beautiful kind person. She was my sister and best friend, we spent every day together and I will miss her so much. Janet had a motto that people should be kind to each other. She would always ask me, why can’t people show each other more kindness? But she lived like that every day and that is how people who knew her will remember her.”

Janet is survived by her partner Stephen Holland and her brothers and sisters, Marian, Caroline, Ally, Martin, Francis, Thomas, Brian, Dillion, Niall, and James.