ALLEGED sex abuse victims in Fermanagh will attend a rally organised in their honour at the Diamond in Enniskillen this Saturday (August 17) at 2pm.

The event will be the second of its kind to be held in Fermanagh after six months of child sex abuse revelations in this newspaper relating to over 60 men, some of whom are dead.

One of the alleged victims, who did not wish to be named, has called on members of the public to “show their support” for the 50 plus victims who have spoken out so far.

“As you have read in The Impartial Reporter over the past six months paedophiles use all kinds of threats to prevent children from speaking out. They absolutely depend on this veil of secrecy to enable them to continue unabated year after year while the children are forced to suffer in silence, isolated, alone, afraid.

“Now you have a chance to change all that, to take away the power they have held over our children for decades. Now you can do something to show all victims that - you are not part of this wall of silence, you are not complicit in their abuse, you do not condone the behaviour of these animals. It has taken unbelievable courage for victims to come forward and if they can do it so can you. Show your support for these brave men and women and be there,” she said.

Victims of sexual abuse will join some Fermanagh councillors and trade unionists on Saturday with Councillor Donal O’Cofaigh encouraging the public and politicians to attend in a show of support.

“Every Thursday people across the county have opened their newspaper to read the latest revelations of alleged historic sex abuse of minors. The sickening revelations of trust betrayed has made TV and radio coverage both regionally and nationally.

“Last week and perhaps most shockingly yet a local headmaster was exposed as an alleged serial abuser operating relatively openly for years. It appears that at that time sex abusers may have been protected by a perva- sive culture of deference to those in authority.

“Unfortunately attempts to openly discuss these historic cases, and the lessons they might hold for the local Council, have been repeatedly shot down on the spurious grounds that any discussion whatsoever might prejudice pending cases,” he said.

Councillor O’Cofaigh added: “Many in the community are asking just why after three months of mounting revelations many councillors and MLAs still remain silent on an issue.

“While we know the PSNI are actively investigating these historic cases, there have still not been any arrests or convictions. That is entirely unsustainable given the fact that now more than 50 victims have come forward with serious allegations. Indeed I have no doubt that should victims be seen getting justice many more will step forward,” he said.

This weekend’s rally will hear from sex abuse victims, councillors from a number of parties, trade unionists and campaigners, he explained.

“Everyone who wants to help put the pressure on for justice is invited. This rally is all about the victims and showing solidarity with those who are lifting the lid on an aspect of our recent past that has remained hidden for far too long,” said Councillor O’Cofaigh, in a statement to this newspaper yesterday (Wednesday).